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Start your own Meetup!

Last week I got the bright(?!?) idea to ask to create a meetup category for, which they did the very next day! (By the way, I’ve been very impressed with customer service, and if you read this blog you know I’m a demanding customer!)

Now we all know that the unparalleled hype machine they call Marketing sponsors user groups and also puts on periodic dog-and-pony shows, but it really is hard to think with all those folks hovering around. Frankly it feels a little bit like a cult if you ask me, but maybe they are all just happy they’re making so much (of our) money… ;-)

Anywho, if you would like to find and meet up with other users, administrators, support people, API or AJAX developers, and/or AppExchange vendors on your own terms in your local area then this should appeal to you. If you’d like to discuss the problems you are having with in a neutral environment without sitting through hours of PowerPoint slides that try to convince you it was actually Mark Benioff who parted the Red Sea, maybe a meetup group is right for you?  If you just simply want to be able to breath when you get together with other professionals, mosey on over to the page on and start a Meetup group in your own local area.

I did.

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