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They hate Professional and Team Edition Customers

Okay, the title of this post is deliberately provacative. And no, I don’t actually think actually hates its Professional Edition and Team Edition customers. But I do think they treat Professional and Team as second class customers whose real needs are not worthy of their consideration.  Let me explain.

By creating three editions: Enterprise, Professional, and Team, and it appears did so for market segmentation which would have been a great strategy.  Companies that provide products and services to meet the needs of different market segments can engender great customer loyalty, and produce excellent profits if they execute well.  But that is not what did.

No, only really cares about it’s Enterprise Edition customers as it’s Professional Edition and Team Edition customers are just afterthoughts. has not really tried to craft solutions that actually meet the needs of smaller companies.

Instead, has simply lopped off features from the Enterprise Edition so that they could charge less and hopefully reach a lesser marketplace.

There are a few features that are as essential to Professional and Team customers as they are to Enterprise yet has decided only Enterprise Edition customers can access those features.

It’s as if BMW sold three levels of cars but only provided seat belts and a hand brake with the most expensive level of car.

What’s more, it’s as if BMW programmed their fuel injection to quit working if you tried to retrofit those features to one of their lesser expensive cars yourself.

In future posts I’ll discuss the features to which I refer, and I’ll also explain why I believe to be incredibly short-sighted because of it.

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