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Stupid Contracts Eliminate Potential Customers

Yesterday I blogged about how’s contracts force you to pay for the maximum licenses you’ve needed instead of the number you currently need.

Let’s consider who cannot use because of their self-centered and short-sighted contracts:

Any company with sales that vary significantly by season

Imagine if 75% of your sales occur during October thru December and you need 100 sales reps to generate those sales. However, during January thru September you only need about 10 sales reps to cover demand. For this scenario’s contracts would require you to pay for 90 licenses you don’t need during nine (9) months out of the year.  That comes out to be $11,250/mon, or $101,250/year more than you should have to spend if you have Enterprise Edition.  Whew, talk about blowing your budget!!!

So given that scenario, what fool would ever sign up for if they have significantly varying demand by season?  Probably the fool that didn’t read the extra fine print legalese, that’s who!  But anyone smart with that scenario would avoid like the plague!

So leaves the money on the table for smart prospective customers with seasonal business, and they screw the rest. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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