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Peter Coffee, one of the two men (formerly) from the media I respect the most[1] just blogged about how code running on Apex "is safe" from prying eyes because you never install at a customers site. However, he then goes on to say:

The only third party that could possibly access the actual code —, for example — is the one with the greatest interest in helping to protect it, and thus protecting the reputation of the multi-tenant platform that supports it.

Well, as I blogged previous (but unfortunately have yet to have the time to follow up), I have serious concerns about not always putting it’s interests ahead of its customers. Whereas a customer using a company’s code illegally might result in an opportunity lost cost, the overall cost to the company is rarely if ever business threatening[2]. On the other hand, if decides that an AppExchange vendor is occupying a spot that would like to occupy, can put them out of business like that.

While I do trust Peter Coffee as I implied above, he doesn’t make the decisions at, Marc Benioff does. And based on everything I’ve seen, I don’t trust the cabal led by Marc Benioff not to have situational ethics when a significant market benefit might potentially be gained.

But then, maybe that’s just me.

  1. The other person being Jon Udell
  2. If it is business threatening, then the business has much bigger problems that management should be more concerned about.

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