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Link to Coronet Instructional Film 'Am I Trustworthy?' (1950)

Starting with this post I’m introducing a new theme, that of TRUST.

So the question I am posing today: Is TRUSTWORTHY?

Now I don’t mean "Can you trust to actually run their business well enough to stay online so you can use their system when you need it?" like when they launched this (IMO misnamed) website: (As with so many things, its naming was disingenous. I would much rather have seen it named

In the past I have railed on for their system being down, but let’s be real. I over-reacted; it was just a minor infraction. Problems like that pointed to either teething pains of SaaS or incompetent management and it seems it was the former. They’ve gotten their act together on the uptime issue although I’m sure they will continue to have hiccups in the future. I think uptime/downtime is more an issue of the industry learning about how to implement best practices in SaaS and then any and all of those issues will be history.

Instead what I am asking is can you trust to:

  • Be a good business partner?
  • Act ethically and honorably?
  • Reasonably act in your best interests?
  • Reasonably consider your needs before theirs?
  • Look for way to increase the value they offer you?
  • Not just look for ways to increase your spending?

Ponder those thoughts, if you will, and within the next couple of days I’ll provide a URL to’s website for your review to help you further ponder the questions I posit today.

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