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Integration *is* the killer app for SaaS

J.Ja comments on "Benioff: Customers want integration, customization" by saying (emphasis mine):

How can any CEO seriously consider adding a single new feature when the core product is a broken pile of junk? Based on’s track record, I am surprised that anyone would consider them as a choice, without some serious price concessions. Given that they are more focused on adding new gee-gaws like integration (hello? it’s a web-app, what will you integrate it with?) instead of reliability, I’m surprised that anyone would consider signing a contract with them at all.

Although I agree with J.Ja that reliability it essential, he/she absolutely does not get it when he asks "Hello? What will you integrate it with?"  I would instead ask "HELLO?!? What won’t you integrate it with?"  I currently am integrating and/or want to integrate with Outlook, Word, Excel, my local SQL Server databases, other web apps I use, my website, and more.

As far as I am concerned Integration is the "killer app" for Software as a Service.  That is why is infuriates me so much that Marc Benioff and friends don’t allow Professional (and Team) Edition customers to use the API except in very limited indirect cases.

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