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InfoCenter: A Poor Man’s Wiki

Scott Hemmeter's InfoCenter for S-Control

Scott Hemmeter at the CRM Consulting Service ArrowPointe recently posted on his blog Perspectives on a blog entry about a freely available S-Control he developed that he’s calling Info Center  . Scott’s description of how an organization would use InfoCenter is that they would publish Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and allow users to both access and update the questions from within Totally cool!

Of course the first thought that went through my mind was:

Wow! That sounds just like a Poor Man’s Wiki!

I haven’t actually used InfoCenter so I don’t know how much functionality Scott managed to roll into the thing, but my guess is that it doesn’t have functionality on the level of Wikipedia just yet. That is certainly no criticism, but as users, you know we always want more! :-)  

That said, I can certainly see the benefit of having the free-form information organization capability of a Wiki built right into, be it InfoCenter, as a future commerical AppExchange solution, or in a future release from Marc & Co.  Just one more thing to add to our wish list. ;-)

Nonetheless, no matter what level of functionality Scott managed to roll into InfoCenter, Bravo Scott! for your efforts!

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