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Dreamfactory offers a new set of utlities for Salesforce users

DreamFactory Utilities for AppExchange is now available for all Salesforce users. ‘Utilities’ is designed specifically for Salesforce system admins and integrators to make their lives, and the lives of other users a whole lot easier.

Utilities includes three essentials apps:

• SnapShot – save hours of time on meta data manipulation
1. Take an Object SnapShot and visually browse the schema of any Salesforce ORG, including standard objects, custom objects, fields, picklists and more
2. Take a Profile SnapShot and visually browse the user profile information of any Salesforce ORG, including Field Level Security, Object Permissions, Record Types, etc.

• Monarch – move your data anywhere, share it with anyone
1. Moves and merges data, allows users to securely move, share data with others, or port it to QuickBase, Cisco Connect or an Excel sheet for extended collaboration
2. Backing up data is costly on Salesforce – with Monarch users can move data over to Amazon, where it can be stored a lot less expensively

• Tabletop -Browse, visualize and drill down on data sets. Create as many views as you want and selectively share these views with other departments, partners and customers

The Salesforce Education department has licensed SnapShot and DreamFactory Utilities as part of its training program for new customers, and Salesforce’s internal Global Professional Services is using SnapShot as a pilot program currently.

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