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Comparing cost of SaaS to software w/SysAdmin can be Disingenuous

I’d like to make a further point about Mike@msn’s comment on my earlier post Wait! Don’t Add that ( License! related to when he said (emphasis mine):

Consider the downside of purchasing 100 *perpetual* license seats, a server, and Sys Admin for an on-premise solution that goes seasonally unused.

Yes my post referenced a hypothetical 100 user scenario, but in small business scenario such as 10 users or less there is rarely going to be a Sys Admin even for a packaged software solution so including them as part of the cost comparison doesn’t always fly. In many small business cases, the Sys Admin is the business owner! And for the company that seasonally employs 10 sales reps but usually only needs one, the cost of those extra nine licenses offseason are just as painful to that small business as the cost of the extra 90 licenses is for the larger one.

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