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What other company charges you for a test environment? Feature Comparsion By Edition

Gotta love it! See This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ’s comments on The Official Salesforce Blog in response to their post People are talking about the Salesforce Sandbox (emphasis mine):

I think the sandbox is over hyped and over priced, in my personal opinion. We
use the sandbox right now because we have a major migration going on. So we’re
migrating a lot of customer data but did we "NEED" Sandbox to do this.

We could of done sample testing with the Dev environment however we would
miss those data anomalies that always shows up. So I agree with the fact you
would need this area for this type of migration, however I think the price of
that is ridiculous. What other company charges you for a test environment?

As for downloading and testing applications… let’s be real. Salesforce does a
great job where you can put an application in development mode so only admins or
those selected profiles can see the app. You don’t need a Sandbox for that!

Shorten project cycle time… agreed. Again, what other company charges for a
dev instance?

Bottom line… Unless you’re doing migrations/integrations leave sandbox to the
bigger kids.


Personally I think it is really bad form and just plain short sighted when a software company’s pricing policy places features out of reach of customers that can benefit merely as a means to get the more well-heeled customers to increase their spend. Much better to meet the needs of all customers and move the higher end customers up the price curve by include feature they require but no one else needs in the more expensive options/editions. 

In the case of the Sandbox, anyone and everyone doing customization could probably benefit from using their "Sandbox" feature, not just their "Universal" customers. Personally, I wouldn’t know for sure because I can’t justify the expense of a Universal account, although I think the Sandbox could be really beneficial for me.

Or, let me remind you of a question I asked just yesterday; Can you trust to look for ways to actually meet your needs and not just look for ways to increase your spend?

I just read this:’s Sandbox is $25 per license per month (PDF). And, because it’s not explicitly stated, I’ve got to assume that getting Sandbox requires that you pay for *all* users on an account given’s other policies, and that Sandbox is only available for Enterprise edition customers, not for Team edition or Professional edition customers. Of course Universal edition customers get for free, but big whoop there! Just who do they think they are kidding, anyway?!?