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Microsoft Outlook Edition's Outlook Edition's User has a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook called "Outlook Edition." I use it primarily to capture outbound emails to my Contacts, although in some cases I use it to record inbound emails from my Contacts too. I don’t use it for inbound emails most of the time because Outlook Edition doesn’t assign them to my Contacts automatically — no matter how much I beg and plead for it to do so!

Outlook Edition also lets me synchronize my Contacts to an Outlook Contact folder, which is moderately useful if for no other reason than to backup my list of Contacts to my local system in case ever decided to run loose and fancy free with my data, godforbid! However, Outlook Edition does seem to get confused and start duplicating contacts in Outlook and/or deleting Contacts in account if I edit or delete the contact records in Outlook, so I just point the synchronizer to a contact folder in Outlook and leave it alone. Or maybe I’m just doing something wrong, who knows!Confused Smiley

Of course they say Outlook Edition is also suppose to be able to synchronize Tasks and Calendars but since I currently don’t use for that, I currently don’t have a clue about that functionality so I won’t be commenting on it.

Next, they also say you can work in tabs directly from within Outlook. Big whoop! I’ve tried it; It’s more constraining than anything else. Just open up a browser window, ferchrissake!

There are, however, many other useful things you can’t do with Outlook Edition. But those tidbits will just have to be the subject of a future post. You can’t expect me to blow all my content on this one little post, now can you?

(P.S. Can you tell it was really late when I wrote this?)