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Thoughts on Saleforce

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One-sided Contracts make for Unhappy Customers

You can tell that is run by hunters, not gatherers.  The stereotypical "hunter" salesperson is unlike the stereotypical "gatherer" customer service and/or marketing person.  The hunter is focused on finding new business and closing the sale, not on making sure that customers are happy, and not in making sure that even those customers who want to downsize their involvement with because their own needs have changed still have good things to say about

Take a look at their contracts: for example, if you sign up twenty five (25) users and need to go down to fifteen (15) users because sales are slow in your market, tough luck: you still have to pay at the rate of 25 users for your entire contract.  If you have ten (10) user licneses and up your contract  by two (2) licenses because you’ve hired two new sales people but a month later those two don’t work out then tough; you’ll still have to pay for all twelve (12) licenses even though you don’t need them all

So Buyer Beware: Saleforce is more interested in taking your money for services you no longer need (so they can make their quarterly numbers as I was told by a person in their billing dept.) than they are in making sure you are a happy customer.